Meeting deadlines properly is one positive aspect in doing business. It also measures how time management strategy works along with certain projects. However, deadlines can also be a stressful situation at times. Here, we cited some ways on how to effectively deal with it and get better results.

  • Make a list. When we're stressed out, we tend to forget or neglect some details we keep in mind so it's important to write them down, whether on an online calendar, paper or on the phone. Take note what needs to be done, when projects are due or who is responsible for each task.
  • Communicate clearly. We have to admit there are too tight deadlines which are seemingly impossible for us to meet. Communication is key and don't be afraid to negotiate especially if good reason is given.
  • Prioritise the important. Having the list of tasks and fixed due dates will help us put them in order. Prioritise the most important ones first and check off when completed to proceed with the next.
  • Don't procrastinate. As cliche as it may sound, doing what we can do today (instead of putting it off until tomorrow) is one of the surefire ways to beat deadlines. Besides, accomplishing things early gives us time to review what we've done or even take a short break.
  • Seek help. Asking for assistance doesn't mean being weak or inefficient especially if the project needs a lot of work. We can consult others for some fresh perspective which can be a far better option and way to accomplish the task.
  • Evaluate. Now that the project is accomplished and the deadline is passed, take time to evaluate the whole process. You may learn something that will make your strategy more effective in the future.