Thinking about taxes probably is not on your to-do list right now but taking a bit of time to review your current tax and financial situation may help avoid unpleasant surprises and take the tax bite come 2016. We've only just begun this tax year and we have summed up some useful tax tips to consider:

  • Manage Your Taxable Income

Estimated taxes including tax payments that are required should be evaluated to let you determine how much, if any, of an adjustment to make. Also, adjusting your withholding now could help you avoid a shortfall next year.

  • Be Organised

This may be one of the important tips for taxpayers as you shouldn't wait until 2016 to search for receipts and organise documents. A bit of organisation now can save us and you a lot of work and time later.

  • Review Financial Situation

Determine how any changes may affect your taxesfor the rest of the year by reviewing your income situation. Take a closer look at your overall finances and how or where have these flowed in 2015. It's not yet late to discover ways to manage expenses and cut some if needed.

  • Maximise the Use of Technology

Technology is deemed to be useful in our daily grind therefore, must be maximised as a tool to organise and even back up essential documents via email, thumb drives, the cloud, server or Microsoft office tools.